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What is Innovatefil?

INNOVATEFIL filaments are specially designed for the most demanding applications. With this line of filaments we provide a solution to the most particular requirements of those sectors that require high-performance materials for the development of high-performance products through additive manufacturing technology. To do this, we have integrated the most innovative resources into the manufacturing process.

INNOVATEFIL is a new brand born with a history of 20 years of experience as manufacturers of filaments for 3D printing, of learning, of overcoming oneself, of setting new challenges, of overcoming barriers and borders. 20 years trying to discover a new path, to reach the conclusion that our path lies precisely in that, in discovering.

In a market led by large multinationals that constantly fight to lead the industrial innovation race, to obtain patents that bring huge benefits and above all to embrace the maximum business power... INNOVATEFIL is the only brand that can tell the world that the only thing that moves us is the satisfaction of discovering new things. A stimulus that is born from the restless spirit of the authentic researcher who only thinks of opening paths that no one has been before. Because what really moves us is not destiny, but the path that we are opening step by step just for the desire to discover.

We are aware that other players will be in charge of making our creations useful, because that is its function in the complex world of technology and industry at an international level. INNOVATEFIL is clear that its role is to discover new materials that no one has discovered before.

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