Spray or pen recommended for 3D printing.

Strong adhesion, without warping, simple elimination.

Tested for printing on ABS, PLA, HIPS and other composites.



Dimafix is a fixative spray or pen for use in 3D technology FDM and heated bed printers.

It provides a strong adhesion of plastic to glass eliminating the warping even in large figures printed in ABS. It has the ability to print in all types of materials.

Adhesion with the temperature is activated.

The adhesive effect does not degrade, stays intact for very long prints. The cooled base below 40 - 50 ° C makes adhesion disappears so the piece comes off automatically. It is easy to clean because it is soluble in water. Long-lasting. The objective of Dimafix is to facilitate 3d printing quality with all types of materials.

With a light spray of Dimafix in the base, in the area where it is printed the first printed layers of any material, it is set in an effective way pf avoiding unwanted warping, this way you avoid that the sides of the piece are lifted. After completing the print and with the cold base, withdrawal of parts is automatic. They can be removed easily and smoothly without the need for auxiliaries such as spatulas or other tools that could damage the workpiece.


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