INNOVATEFIL® PVA ULTRA is our first-class water-soluble formula of PVA, with the addition of additives, we have succeeded in increasing the printing quality to another level to print objects without defects, stabilising the material and enhancing its behaviour against thermal degradation, this filament as support widens the range of material compatibility, it can be used with PLA, ABS, PETG, PA, CPE, amongst others.

Our INNOVATEFIL® PVA ULTRA is suitable for any printer, because it operates in a broader temperature range, being printable from 200ºC. This filament can be removed quicker with warm or cold water, leaves no trace on the finished part and is less polluting.

  • 1.75mm
  • 2.85 mm


PVA Ultra is a PVA compound modified to improve its properties during use in 3D printing, significantly improving it compared to conventional PVA and making it compatible with a wide range of materials.

The incorporation of additives makes the material increase its printing quality, eliminating the problems of spinning or dripping, thus achieving the printing of parts without defects.

This new formula stabilizes the material, improving its behavior against thermal degradation, thus eliminating jamming problems caused by waiting time during the printing process, the degradation of the PVA can cause the material to crystallize and become clogged.

Another of its advantages is the improved adherence to the base and unlike PVA, which is only compatible with PVA, this new material expands the range of materials with which it can be used, being compatible with PLA, ABS, PETG, PA, CPE, among others. others.

The PVA Ultra has the ability to be printed on any printer, since it works in a greater range of temperatures, being printable from 200ºC.

Regarding its dissolution, the material can be removed with hot or cold water, this ultra being more recommended due to its greater speed, and it also does not leave a mark on the finished piece.

The PVA ULTRA filament is a water-soluble material, so it is essential to protect the material in a dry environment after use.


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