Special lacquer for 3D printing, with greater adherence and without perfume. vaporized liquid format



3DLac is the solution to adhesion problems in your 3D prints.

Specially designed for printers that have a heated bed, but it is also useful in printers without it.

The purpose of 3D Lac is to adhere the first printing layer to the base to achieve a perfect impression and without unwanted errors due to displacement.

It is applied with a light spray on the bed just before printing, in this way the adherence of the pieces to it is ensured and it can be reused for several impressions.

3D Lac presents a strong adhesion at 100º-110º C and drastically reduces the warping effect.

3DLac has been developed by Leon3D with the advice of Belloch Laboratories who have more than 50 years of experience in the manufacture of lacquers.

After printing it can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Available in spray format that is very easy to apply and the new version of liquid vaporizer that allows a more concentrated use of the product, avoiding applying it to the mechanical areas of the printer such as fans or bearings due to misuse.


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